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More than adjustments...

I have been a chiropractor for over 20 years now, and something I have learned on this journey is chiropractic care is much more than just adjustments when your back hurts. Making this type of care part of your healthcare routine can bring about so many other benefits. Regularly visiting a chiropractor can reduce stress, keep your body in alignment, and just make you feel better overall. I want to be your partner in the journey.

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Pregnancy & Infant Care

Dr. Briggs spent two years doing a specialization in pregnancy and infant chiropractic care. Chiropractic care helps improve the function of the nervous system, and can help your body prepare for pregnancy. Having regular adjustments while pregnant helps manage the regular "aches & pains" associated with pregnancy. As your delivery approaches, adjustments helps prepare your body for delivery. It can also make the delivery process easier.

Once baby arrives, chiropractic care can help the baby nurse properly, sleep better, and reduce gas and colic symptoms. 

If you would like to know more about pregnancy and infant care, please contact our office. 

Cindy Briggs, Phd

Dr. Scott is the chiropractor, and Cindy is the "business" side. She handles the back end, marketing, and business development.

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Dana Melton

Dana is the happy face you see when you visit our Converse clinic. She will help you with appointments, payments, and answer questions you may have about care.

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Dr. Briggs did a two-year specialization in pregnancy and infant care.

“Dr. Briggs is amazing. His adjustments are the best I have ever received.”


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