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chiropractic care

Dr. Briggs believes that regular chiropractic adjustments will keep a body strong. While many people think of chiropractors when they have a neck pain, or a back strain.... making chiropractic care part of your regular health care journey can be a game changer.

Once you are in "alignment" your body can then do the job for which it was created. Your body wants to heal... it wants to function at its best. We just have to provide it the care it needds.

Think of it this way--- do you do regular maintenance on your car? Do you change the oil rotate tires, etc? That is probably a "yes" because you want your car to run its best.

Shouldn't your health be even more important than a car?

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comprehensive blood work

Did you know that Dr. Briggs can request a complete blood panel? Why would you want to do this with your chiropractor? Because we can look at these numbers (and ranges) from a different perspective. We don't believe just because a number is "within range" it means nothing is wrong.

Let's look at natural solutions to your chronic health issues. 

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