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Here are items I personally recommend...

As a doctor, I am often asked to provide recommendations for books, products, services, etc. I take this very seriously and will only recommend items that I believe in, and that I have either used (or my family/office staff has used). You can trust products on this site.

I only recommendation items I believe in....

Providing You a Path to Natural Health

How My Chiropractor Saved My Life

Book recommendations

The Pharmaceutical Myth

Selling Sickness

Maternity Belt

For our pregnant mama's we recommend a maternity belt. You can purchase the belt from this site.

Products we sell in our office:

Standard Process Supplements

Not everyone will have a need for supplementation, but if you do--- we only recommend Standard Process. We sell a full line of their products in both of our locations. 

Ask Dr. Scott if this might work for you.

Health Care Items

We often carry other products to serve our patients. We have notecards, chiropractic products, etc. Check out our "shop" in the lobby.