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Accountability, it’s a Love-Hate Thing

January 30, 2022

by Dr. Scott Briggs January 30, 2022 I am at my first wall in this challenge. I am not seeing the changes I want to see in the time I want to see them. The goals I have committed to seem quite far fetched. I feel like I am the little boy David tasked with […]

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I have been a chiropractor for over 15 years and it is my dream job. I love helping people connect with their health. I also like providing information to everyone via this blog.


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by Dr. Scott Briggs

January 30, 2022

I am at my first wall in this challenge. I am not seeing the changes I want to see in the time I want to see them. The goals I have committed to seem quite far fetched. I feel like I am the little boy David tasked with killing the giant with a sling and a small stone. The odds are way in the giants favor. David found his strength and courage in his faith in God. I am doing my best to get strength, courage, and wisdom from God too but I am also so grateful for the accountability that has come from my wife, and my patients this past week. The simple questions like, “how are you doing with your challenge”, or “Scott, is that a healthy choice”, or “are you giving up already”?

None of these simple questions are easy nor do they feel good, that is why I hate accountability but these questions act as reminders, they keep me motivated, get me back on track, encourage me because I see that others care, and they strengthen my resolve. I can do this. I can lose weight, I can exercise more, I can end the procrastination, I can drink more water, I can continue to write, and I can continue to help lead this community toward improved health. These are the reasons I love accountability. As I re-read what I just wrote, I see the “love” part is much greater than the “hate” part. I am encouraged!!

This fight is worth fighting. Prepare yourself to face your giant. Surround yourself with people who will keep you accountable with love. Willingly see the areas of your life that are a struggle, address these areas. Tell those who are keeping you accountable about the struggles you are facing. Let’s be over-comers and stop being victims. No more excuses! We will work hard together, we will get this done.

Hand writing Accountability with black marker on transparent wipe board.

I had a conversation with my son yesterday and I think I can use it as a motivator. He came to me sad because he had burned through $150 dollars he had worked for and saved up. He wanted to return the things he had purchased so he could get the money back. I asked him if he had fun with the items he had purchased, his response was, “for a day or two.” He started to realize that these items, which he was certain would make him happy, were just fleeting moments of happiness. Once the momentary feeling of excitement was passed he began to see clearly that his long term goal was further away. I hated to see him so upset but it was a lesson that he needed to learn. So how can I take encouragement from this story. When I hit a wall it is usually because of choices I have made.

* I am upset, this will make me feel better.

* I have been so good, I have earned this reward.

* I am out of town, I can’t make a good choice right now.

  • I am tired, I will do it later.

Once the moment has passed I realize those choices didn’t help, it only pushed my goals further into the future. To avoid facing the truth about the situation I tell myself, “I have hit a wall.” Oh the lies I will tell myself. Another value of accountability, it is so much harder to lie to the person holding me accountable. Thank you to all the people out there who are keeping my accountable.

If you have not completed your health pledge card yet, get that done. Writing down your health pledges is the first step toward accountability. In a year I want to hear all of your success stories and all the plans you have to continue your health journey beyond the first year and into a life time. At this moment I am so excited for all of us. As I tell my son often, “let’s make it happen captain!!”

Wishing you great health

Dr. Scott

Dr. Scott Briggs is the owner of Briggs Family Chiropractic in Converse, IN. He has been a chiropractor for over 15 years. He has invited everyone to join him in his health journey for 2022. You can visit the first post on this to receive free helpful downloads. Click HERE to find that post. You can also follow us on Instagram (@briggsfamiychiropractic).

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